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Movement = Mood Booster.

Be more efficient and effective at work.

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Happy employees will stimulate business growth. Create a healthy work environment to improve the mood and the bottom line.

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Everything is in one place, in two clicks. Sit back and let us design your customized dashboard for you.

Improve mental

Mental and physical wellbeing is at the forefront of work. Get your employees up to speed and kicking ZaaS!


What our clients say…

The greatest benefit for me is the convenience of doing yoga while at work because I am a busy mom at home.



Working from home full time is even harder than going into the office. These Instructors encourage me to carve out time for myself and to commit to self-care.



When I look back on all the things we did, decisions we made, customers we found…the thing of which I am most proud is choosing to work with you.



It’s Personal

A love for business and a love for yoga combined… Maryam saw that the philosophies of yoga can positively influence culture and businesses.

B Corp

ZaaS considers people, planet, and purpose when making all business decisions. We are proud to be the leaders driving a global movement of people using business as a force for GOOD!

Teach one, Feed one

A rising tide lifts all boats. Our community is important to us. We donate a meal to a child in need for every class we teach through our Teach One, Feed One program. So come to class to feed your soul and your community!

How we give back


How it works


We design your program

We work hands on with you to create a program based on your organizational needs.


We set up your dashboard

Have everything in one spot, in two clicks. We set up your dashboard exclusively for your employees. Dashboards are adapted for your team across seas.


We comm your people

Communication is key! Our happiest clients have a communication strategy. We help you plan and execute your wellness program across all channels.


Your people kick ZaaS

Review the analytics and watch your employees kick ZaaS!

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