Zen doesn’t rush.

Our Founder’s Path to ZaaS

It’s Personal

A love for business and a love for yoga combined… Maryam is a workplace wellbeing expert that can see how the principles of yoga positively influence culture and businesses.

workplace wellbeing expert

Love for Business

I started my first business when I was nine years old.
It was the early 90’s and friendship bracelets were trending on the playground. I had a gift for creating, so my mom would take me to Michaels fabric store on Saturdays to buy material. This was the old-school supply chain method! 

I made friendship bracelets with pure joy. I sold them to family, friends, and even the local mechanic. I was delighted to share what I created.

Little did I know where the joy of creating and sharing would lead me…

Learning from the Best 

In 2011, I completed Graduate School at the age of 25. I was hired by Cal to lead the faculty and staff wellness program on campus. The program is based on BJ Fogg’s “tiny habits” methodology. I witnessed small daily actions lead to long-term changes. In addition, this program at Cal showed the benefits of having a comprehensive wellness program available at work. 

Employees felt cared for, stress levels decreased by 47%, and productivity and retention increased by 39%. I was encouraged to expand this offering beyond the boundaries of the UC campus and into the corporate world, where the root of chronic pain and mental stress continues to grow. 

Office Yoga was Born 

In 2014, I was in a transition phase. I wasn’t sure what my next career move was, so I turned to what I enjoy.

I had one corporate yoga client I loved working with.* I asked if they wanted more sessions. I walked up and down the building asking other companies if they wanted yoga. Within six months, I had seven different clients. I was in business, baby! 

Corporate yoga was still the “wild wild west” of wellness at this time. There was no formal or strategic methodology. I became the workplace wellbeing expert. I called my classes “Office Yoga.” I started in San Francisco, and within six years, Office Yoga was nationwide.

In my tenure, we served over 352 companies nationwide, 32,580 employees globally, and growing. I was nominated Top 22 Conscious Business Leader. I converted  Office Yoga to a certified B Corp. I have trained 64 instructors through our Instructor Training program, which remains today. 

*I kept my first client for over nine years, and I still love you guys! 

And, Pivot! 

COVID has created a drastic evolution in workplace wellbeing. Unfortunately, the virus’s threat to our physical and mental health continues to unfold.

Clients need the benefits of workplace wellbeing more than ever, and I am determined not to let physical distance get in the way of that.

I also realized that without the office environment, clients needed more than yoga alone. 

ZaaS is Born

My clients need Zen.

They need strategy and a bit of humor as they navigate their pivots to remote teams and changing company cultures.

This realization that I could provide so much more elevated my drive and purpose. ZaaS offers full service and strategic support for global companies.

So while Office Yoga is my brain baby and will continue as an Instructor Training platform; ZaaS is my soul baby, full of joy and support for you!