Our approach

Be Well, Do Well

There’s a new way of doing wellness.

We see you changing the game at your organization, and we’re here to help. For the last 40 years, business has been defined as “profit at all costs, within the boundaries of the law.” But, unfortunately, this definition neglects to include employee wellbeing, environmental protection, and stakeholder consideration (you!).

ZaaS takes employee wellbeing seriously and finds that it’s more than a perk or two. A well-run wellness program should affect the health of company culture, a business, employees, and leadership. So get all of your needs met here from beginning to end and beyond.

Successful business =

healthy people +
healthy planet +
healthy profits

We believe in…


IT’S MORE THAN JUST ABOUT “BEING IN” ZaaS services are inclusive and accessible to ALL employees regardless of timezone, age, race, gender, social class, job title, salary, or food preferences. Everyone is invited. Pets are welcome, too!


WE’RE GETTING TIRED OF CHEESE PIZZA. ZaaS offers a range of diverse classes, in addition to bilingual instructors. You can host a class in another language. Your team across seas will thank you!


NOT EVERYTHING THAT COUNTS CAN BE COUNTED. ZaaS provides a full analytic report on the most important things. In addition, we offer a combination of quantitative and qualitative data to see just how ZaaSy your company is becoming!

Kicking ZaaS

YOUR BUSINESS IS MORE SUCCESSFUL. The accumulative effect of efficient workers will stimulate business growth and create a healthy working environment for employees.

B Corp

ZaaS considers people, planet, and purpose when making all business decisions. We are proud to be the leaders driving a global movement of people using business as a force for GOOD!

Teach one, Feed one

A rising tide lifts all boats. Our community is important to us. We donate a meal to a child in need for every class we teach through our Teach One, Feed One program. So come to class to feed your soul and your community!

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