How it works

We don’t leave you on your ZaaS


We design your program

We work hands-on with you to create a corporate wellness program based on your company’s needs.

corporate wellness
corporate wellness


We set up your dashboard

Have everything in one spot, in two clicks. We set up your dashboard exclusively for your employees. Dashboards are adapted for your team across seas.


We comm your people

Communication is key! Our happiest clients have a strategic communication plan. We help you strategize and execute your corporate wellness goals across all channels.

corporate wellness
corporate wellness


Your people kick ZaaS

Sit back and watch your team kick ZaaS! We provide quantitative and qualitative reports to measure your success.

Benefits of ZaaS

Engage your team

Our communication strategy ensures engagement and success in your corporate wellness program.

Get the data you need

Analytics reports will keep you up to date on statistics and how your employees are doing.

Diversity in classes

We have a wide range of fitness classes to appeal to all employees. This includes meditation, desk yoga, vinyasa flow, breath work, strength training, HIIT, dance, and more! 

Global Reach

We have a wide range of bilingual instructors and cultural classes to engage with your team overseas. This includes 19 countries and 10 time zones around the world, and growing!

Let’s have a chat!

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