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A Zen Approach to Information Overload 

information overload

TL;DR- It’s good to be informed, but it’s another thing to be obsessed with what’s going on. Limit your news intake and gather what you need from it.  The two common experiences of Information Overload are the “Flash Flood” and…

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Desk Yoga for Executive Leaders

As Executive Leaders, our primary function is to think, decide, and relate.  We think ahead and plan for the future.  We make firm decisions based on the information we have.  We relate with others for growth and success.  Watch Desk…

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There isn’t a legal matter that doesn’t touch, affect, represent, or dramatically help or hinder all parts of society. We are seeing this very clearly in the US right now.   The most recent civil rights movements have left me feeling…

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Communication Strategies for Workplace Wellness

workplace wellness strategies

TL;DR- communicate regularly and keep it short. Employees assess the amount of effort it’ll take to digest your message BEFORE they read a single word. When it comes to workplace wellness strategies, communication is key. If you’re working with multiple vendors…

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Best Practices for Employee Health

Looking for employee health services? I had the honor of talking to Kate Byrne, the host of Women Advancing. We discussed everything from employee health best practices to choosing a wellbeing partner you’ll love. How a Little Zen a Day…

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Black Communities who ZaaS

We spent this past month celebrating Black History Month by uplifting our community voices. Here’s what our Black community has to share. How are you inspired by the Black Community? I’m inspired by my peers that make a difference in…

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3 DIY Workplace Wellness Program Ideas

The pandemic is piquing interest in workplace wellness program ideas. As a result, leaders know that they need a wellness program, but it’s not clear how to implement one successfully. In some cases, it’s hard to even know what a…

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3 Common Obstacles to Starting a Meditation Practice

Zen meditation is a practice of paying attention. The instructions are simple, but often difficult to execute. Below are three common obstacles to starting a meditation practice. Before we dive in, it’s important to note that with meditation, the juice…

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Saying Goodbye to Office Yoga

TL;DR: In January 2022, Office Yoga officially up-branded to ZaaS (Zen as a Service). Go subscribe for updates: New year, WHO DIS?!  I know I’m not the only Founder who’s spent the last year(s) in the trenches of a pivot. Who…

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