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2024 Wellness Calendar

wellness calendar

Is it too soon for the 2024 Wellness Calendar? If you are anything like me, you enjoy being prepared. Planning helps mitigate unnecessary stress and wasted energy. I’ve learned from marathon swim training that a calendar gives me a roadmap to where…

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Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Yoga Nidra, a term meaning “yogic sleep,” is a deep relaxation technique and a form of meditation. As we wrap up the Sleep Season, let’s practice Yoga Nidra, a powerful sleep hack that can help you get deep rest.  What…

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Healthy Sleep Habits

“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” -E. Joseph Cossman Healthy sleep habits are the most undervalued contributor to optimal health and performance. Sleep is a significant part of our existence- we spend a third…

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The Power of Imagination

The Power of Imagination can help us make essential decisions grounded in reality yet inspired by possibility.  The Power of Imagination is what shapes the future. In yoga, there is a concept called vikalpa, or imagination. Vikalpa is an idea…

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