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Desk Yoga for Lawyers

There isn’t a legal matter that doesn’t touch, affect, or represent all parts of society. We are seeing this very clearly in the US right now.  

The most recent civil rights movements have left me feeling like an imposter. How is meditation going to help with equality? Or from spreading COVID? Or from environmental hazards? Do I change careers?

Well-being in Law

Climbing out of the rabbit hole ? I know that public policy is not my fight. The medical industry is adjacent, but not my fight. Environmental protection is a by-product of this work, but not my fight. 

My gift is optimizing people’s functions- body and mind. And I’m really freaking good at it. 

I’ve been working with Law Firms around the country to improve lawyer wellness. I optimize their services (and by “services,” I mean employees because your people are your business).

How to Optimize Lawyer Wellness

To optimize anyone’s well-being, we must first know what they are good at and where they thrive.

The three primary functions of a lawyer are:

• Listen– openly hear what is being said and collect information/evidence. 

• Analyze– problem solve with the information available.

Communicate– advocate for what’s right on behalf of the client.

The Importance of Listening in Law ?

Lawyers must listen to what is being said with curiosity and open-mindedness. Through this process, any and all information and evidence can be collected. Try this neck stretch to improve blood circulation to the ears.

lawyer wellness

Boost Your Ability to Analyze ?

Analyzing information is critical in legal matters. This allows a lawyer to problem-solve and make their case. This is essential for both the attorney and the firm. Try this Desk Yoga pose to relieve tension headaches and improve critical thinking.

Communication is Key ?

Communication allows for the lawyer to advocate on behalf of the client. Therefore, it’s important to optimize this function. Try this Desk Yoga pose to help open the chest and throat for communication.

Benefits of Lawyer Wellness

In conclusion, Desk Yoga for Lawyers allows attorneys to work at their best. When lawyers are working in their zone of genius, they are HAPPY. Being happy and optimizing lawyers primary functions reduces burnout and improves overall productivity.

Does it make sense to have a lawyer wellness strategy for your firm? Contact me here

If you want to try some Desk Yoga on your own, check out this Zen in Ten: 10 Poses to Reduce Stress from Your Desk.