The recent overturn of Roe v Wade will have a rippling impact on companies, human resource departments, and employee reproductive care. Talented people will be compelled to leave the workforce and deal with forced births. In response, corporations and HR departments will have to look at productivity impacts and efficiency losses.

In addition, Human Resource leaders will have to navigate a new patchwork of state rules and regulations. Many don’t support reproductive care and don’t require mandatory paid leave or supplemental childcare. This is a problem.

My Business, My Choice

reproductive care

As a B Corp, I want to set the standard for a better way to do business. When businesses stand up for their workers, we begin to work toward actively dismantling the systems that contribute to an inequitable society. Businesses committed to advancing gender equity in their workplace will be significantly impacted by this decision.

Research shows that women who were denied abortions experienced significant economic hardship and were less likely to be employed full-time, years down the road.

Surveys report that 2 out of 3 Gen Z’ers are pro-choice. Companies that provide strong coverage across reproductive health needs (and any other medical needs) are positioning themselves to attract and retain employees.

This builds a strong talent pipeline and delivers on diversity and inclusion goals. These strengths can contribute to more robust bottom-line performance. Plus, it’s the right thing to do. 

Navigating the Post-Roe Reality


reproductive care

Join this conversation on Wednesday, July 13 with leaders from Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, and Amalgamated Bank. They will lead a discussion reflecting on how businesses can navigate the ‘post-Roe’ reality through internal policy, external advocacy, and supporting resources to access to reproductive care.

How you can support reproductive care right now. 

My job is to support the well-being of bodies and minds. The overturn of Roe V Wade significantly impacts both.

As a leader, I’ve learned that when I don’t act within my integrity, I don’t sleep well. Poor sleep impacts my performance during the day. If I’m not performing at my optimum level, it negatively impacts my work and ruins my mental health. 

So from a business perspective, taking action makes sense.

But this isn’t about me. This is about you. 

Here are some things our clients are doing in the short term to support reproductive care for employees.

✔️ Effective immediately, as part of your commitment to your people, pay travel expenses for employees seeking abortions in states where abortions are no longer a constitutional right.

✔️ Shore up your benefits to ensure that your people and immediate family members can continue to access essential reproductive care.

✔️ Reimburse ALL out-of-pocket expenses for employees and their family members who need to go out of state to obtain essential healthcare, including reproductive and gender-affirming care.

For those I work with, I am here for you in regard to navigating new policy. If I learned anything these past few years, it’s how to transform emotional energy into something productive and powerful.

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