Saying Goodbye to Office Yoga

TL;DR: In January 2022, Office Yoga officially up-branded to ZaaS (Zen as a Service). Go subscribe for updates:

New year, WHO DIS?!  I know I’m not the only Founder who’s spent the last year(s) in the trenches of a pivot. Who else feels like Chandler Bing from Friends, cornered between the couch and the stairwell? 


But just like in the show Friends, my journey has been supported by my incredible team, mentors, colleagues, and clients. One sentiment that continues to give me hope is:

The most stunning flower of all-the lotus- grows in the filthiest part of the pond and feeds on the filth to produce its beauty. 

COVID has created a drastic evolution in my wheelhouse of workplace wellbeing. The pendulum swung from making people feel at home at work to making them feel at work in their homes. Clients need a healthy work environment wherever that is, and I have been determined not to let physical distance get in the way of that. 

Some stats I am proud of:

  • More than 329 SMB, B Corp, and enterprise companies across the United States have used our services. 
  • Our work has positively impacted an estimated 279,650 employees.
  • Over 63 instructors worldwide have been certified to teach through our training.
  • I supported 23 companies in transitioning their wellness programs into a hybrid model this past year. 
  • I resisted the sourdough bread making trend (but now have twice as many plants in my house ?).

While the Office in “Office Yoga” may be shut down, the Yoga remains the same. I also realized that my clients need more than yoga alone without the office environment. They need flexibility and a bit of humor as they navigate their pivots to hybrid teams and changing company cultures. 

ZaaS (Zen as a Service) is a Global Wellbeing Platform for SMB, B Corp, and enterprise companies. We offer full service and support to ensure your company will #kickzaas. This realization I could provide more outside an office has elevated my drive and a sense of purpose. 


Office Yoga is my brain baby and will continue to serve as an Instructor Training platform for the new hybrid workspace.  ZaaS is my soul baby, the work that will continue to guide the evolution of workplace wellbeing forward. 

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ZaaS offers virtual fitness classes to SMB, B Corps, and enterprise companies. You’re welcome to join us; we would love to have you!