Black Communities who ZaaS

We spent this past month celebrating Black History Month by uplifting our community voices. Here’s what our Black community has to share.

How are you inspired by the Black Community?

Black history month

I’m inspired by my peers that make a difference in their communities every day! I’ve always been about leading by example, and proud to show the younger generation the impacts of health and fitness!

Black History month

Community, in general, is very important to me. However, it is critical, especially in the times in which we currently live, to spotlight the accomplishments of our black ancestors and current historians.

For me and mine, I have made it my business to infuse them with information on our very rich black culture for academic nourishment, pride, but most importantly to inspire them to quest after greatness and make a positive mark on this world.

I am most proud of my three black children, who are strong, smart, caring, courageous, and phenomenal individuals. I have sewn into their lives from the moment that they arrived with the hope of infusing a sense of belonging, self-worth, and resilience that cannot be tainted by anyone or anything. They are my greatest accomplishments.

Black History is not just a month, it crosses all seasons of each year, and we will continue to make a conscious effort to acknowledge and celebrate Black Lives because they Matter.

Black History Month
Fun Fact: Simone, Nykk’s daughter, is my Goddaughter! ?

Interchangeably, what makes me proud to be black also inspires me. 

I’m proud that my grandparents were able to survive and thrive during the time of slavery and Jim Crow. Not too far before me, a family lived in an environment where they drank out of water fountains marked colored. Because of their efforts, I live in a world where my wife isn’t willing to purchase water bottles that don’t have the correct PH. 

I look at my son and daughter and think of the stories my grandfathers and grandmothers told me about being black in America, knowing that things won’t be perfect when they are the age I am now but it will be better. They inspire me to do my part to ensure each generation advances. 

I am inspired and proud of where I’ve been (ancestors) and where I am going (descendants). 

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